4 Rules of the Game that you should know!

I am constantly amazed at how ignorant golfers are of the rules of the game.  I know the USGA Rules of Golf  can be daunting but you can educate yourself

The USGA Rules are easier than you think.

The USGA Rules are easier than you think.

.  To become more proficient at the Rules do the following:

1.  Get a Rule book.  There is a printed version in most golf shops and/or there is a free app under USGA Rules of Golf.  Have either version available with you on the courses at all times.

2.  Read and learn the definitions.  There is a section of the book dedicated to the definitions.  If you don’t under the terminology the Rules will make no sense.

3.  Start with Rules 10 (Order of Play), Rule 13 (Ball Played as it Lies), Rule 16 (the Putting Green), and Rule 26 (Water Hazards)

Start with the definitions and these 4 Rules and you will be well on your way to enhancing your enjoyment of the Game.

More to come.

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